Saturday, January 30, 2010

Peach Crunch Cake

You need to make this. NOW. Peach Crunch Cake. GOOD. FANTASTIC. EASY. :-) I found this on one of my latest favorite food blogs, Bakerella. The recipe is here. I was prompted to make this for a plethora of reasons, one being that I will give anything a try that requires absolutely no work. Sometimes you just need something hot and sweet and baking is just not an option. This cake is perfect for those moments. The other reason is because I have a major weakness for anything made with fruit and a crispy topping. I think the problem can be traced back to childhood when my mama made apple crisp. This was one of her signature desserts and one of my strongest memories from being little is the taste of that apple crisp. Don't tell anyone, but I would always choose a "fruity pastry" kind of dessert over a chocolate one any day. Don't get me wrong...I love chocolate...but if you offer me a crisp of any variety, I am all over it. So I stumbled onto Bakerella a few days ago and the peach cake was front and center. It turned out to be very decadent, very sweet, and very crispy on top. LOVE it. I did have a couple of problems that I will correct next time. I don't think that I will be adding quite so much brown sugar because spots of it got a bit burned and too hard. I also think that I will eyeball it better because I got some spots uneven, so the corners of the cake (for example) were overdone and the middle was just right. I think if you take a little more time than I did spreading out the ingredients and cut down the brown sugar, you will be in heaven. As it stands, we ate most of it and left the edges. Oh, that reminds should really grease the pan. It is not in the instructions, but this is sugar we are talking about and I am going to have a hard time washing this dish when we are done with it! Next time, I will give it a quick spray beforehand. Anyway, we all loved this and it is seriously delicious. Granted, it is not good for you, but it is just a fantastic treat. Hey, at least there is fruit. OH and that reminds me of something ELSE...I think I am going to try using more peaches next time. I will probably use the big 28 oz can again and then add just the fruit out of a second small can. I LOVE the peaches in this and I think that more would make it even more fabulous. go make this! :-)

I am pretty proud of my picture. At least it has real sunlight in it.

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